Proactief SAP beheer met McCoy Managed Services

Making ourselves redundant

As McCoy Managed Services (MMS), we see SAP management as the number one way to continue getting value out of SAP environments. The systems need to run smoothly and securely, that's the bottom line. But above all, the customer wants to proactively get value out of the investments he has made. Because we really know the customer through our daily work with their systems, we are in an excellent position to help them with our appropriate SAP knowledge, market expertise and best practices. 

We strive to minimize management, so the customer can spend his budget on these optimizations. This makes our work more fun than 'keeping on the lights'. We state that we actually want to make ourselves redundant, and we mean it!

Good relationship

Flexibility and a good relationship are most important to us. No rigid management organization. No 'you have to create a ticket first'. No 'you ask, we run'. Of course a process is needed, but above all we want to feel like part of the organization and help as much as we can. 

Open garden

We are not doing this alone, by the way. At McCoy, there is no fence between "projects" and "management." MMS is an integral part of McCoy and we deliver our quality to our clients together. As an MMS team member, you rotate in all knowledge sessions and text groups of the functional BUs. You will form a team with colleagues from other BUs to brainstorm, do roadmap sessions, share experiences from other customers and propose improvement initiatives.  

In other words: making our clients permanently successful as a team!