SAP Supply Chain Execution

"More than intelligent logistics"


A flat organization with short lines, that is what McCoy stands for. Everything originates from the team. Intraperneurship is even highly encouraged. Thus, in 2019 Supply Chain Execution emerged as a separate branch from an idea of Tertius Schijven and Jan-Gert Bouma with the Intelligent Logistics proposition in mind. And with a team of 14 colleagues, more and more ideas are now being added every year.  All colleagues work for different customers who are in the warehouse management business: from wholesalers, government agencies to high-end product companies. With so much knowledge in house, there is always room for innovation.

Innovation is a must

To create the warehouse of the future, it is crucial to remain relevant. Developments in logistics are rapid and we believe innovation is a must. Customers are demanding. Products must be delivered quickly to the right place and have to remain of top quality during that process, and all of that at the lowest possible cost. It's a real sport to organize your warehouse management solution in this way. At the moment we are working hard on the integration with Nipper (an Automated Guided Vehicle), but also Yard Logistics, Warehouse Insights and Auto Store Storage are hot topics.

From IT Consultancy to Business Consultancy

We believe in advising our customer on how the logistic processes run instead of just focusing on the design. We start by asking about the customer's needs regarding their logistic processes. Based on that, we show the best-practice from SAP and how this covers the customer's needs. Through workshops we tell the customer why we think a specific best practice is the best solution for them (More than Intelligent Logistics!). This way we can offer more than expected.

We are curious about your ideas on Supply Chain Execution! Would you like to discuss them with us? With pleasure! Contact Joost