Supply Chain Management

Our ambition

At a time when the focus is shifting towards a better world for people and animals, it is no longer just about hard cash, but also about the footprint that companies want to leave behind. That's why our ambition is connecting, working together and optimizing logistic processes to 'Intelligent Operations'.

Beating Heart

To apply the power of S/4HANA intelligently, there is one more crucial element, which is business and process knowledge or "More than IT!" This means that we not only want to deliver a powerful IT solution, but also bring relevant business and process knowledge in discrete manufacturing, wholesale and/or the consumer industry.

Business Processes & Process Knowledge

Our SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain Management experts are looking for logistic challenges that energize us! We closely follow trends in the S/4HANA Intelligent Enterprise (Ariba SCC, SAP IPD/PLM, SAP PEO, etc.) and try to stay ahead of them, both in knowledge development and in course offerings. Craftsmanship, passion, commitment and learning from each other is in our DNA. The pursuit of intelligent operations as the beating heart of the intelligent enterprise (SAP S/4HANA) is our goal.

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