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SAP Joules in SAP Succesfactors: Your A.I. Copilot

The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are proliferating. We use ChatGPT to revise text or write formulas and create digital art with tools like Midjourney. SAP is also fully embracing AI in SuccessFactors. In this blog, you'll read about the latest AI features that elevate the employee experience and the efficiency of your HR processes to a higher level.

Your Co-pilot Joule Gets Even Smarter

In 2023, SAP introduced Joule, a smart digital assistant that helps SuccessFactors users quickly complete tasks and find information. This includes tasks like changing your address or retrieving information about your team members. The latest release has endowed Joule with even more functionalities, making its use even more compelling.

The functionalities can be categorized into three conversational patterns:

  • Navigation: Assisting in navigating to tasks that need to be performed.

  • Transaction: Performing actions for you, such as creating a new position or requesting feedback.

  • Information: Providing relevant information from internal (HR) documentation based on the questions you ask.

Work Faster with Joule

1. View Payslip

An employee wants to view their most recent payslip. By asking Joule, the most recent overview is immediately shown to the employee.

2. Hire a new employee

You've hired a new employee and need to create a new position for them. Based on a sample position, Joule creates the new position in the right place. You specify any necessary adjustments for the new employee. This way, you don't need to navigate multiple screens or remember position codes or names.

3. Receive feedback

An employee wants to receive feedback from the team. Through Joule, you can directly request feedback from the appropriate team members. You can also specify the feedback topics, making the process of asking for and giving feedback much more accessible and quicker.

4. Request leave

An employee wants to request leave and submits a leave request via Joule. Joule navigates the employee directly to the correct page. Previously, you would do this through your own profile or a tile on the main page.

5. Retrieve mobility policy

An employee wants to know the organization's mobility policy. If you have a mobility policy in SuccessFactors, Joule can provide the correct information directly to the employee.

Curious for more examples? Check out this demo.

What If Joule Doesn't Have Your Answer (Yet)?

If Joule doesn't find relevant information or actions for your request, use the SAP Help Portal to get answers to your questions. Joule becomes smarter and more comprehensive with each release. Follow us to stay updated on the latest functionalities.

Transform Your HR Department

By utilizing AI innovations like Joule, you help your employees work faster and more user-friendly. This makes your HR department smarter and more efficient. Employee satisfaction increases, and HR can focus on what truly matters. So, what are you waiting for? Inform your employees and let them experience the convenience themselves. Want to know more? Schedule an appointment with Jan Laros +31 6 23 195 153 or

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