Arjan Willemsen

New features EWM - Quality Management Integration

Tell us, does it sound familiar? The integration between EWM and QM is not always easy and developments in EWM-QM integration are always slightly behind. SAP did catch up nicely with new functionalities in EWM-QM integration. With this blog, I talk about the most important ones. Are you an EWM consultant or an SAP EWM key-user? Read on.

SAP EWM has some great features, the integration of EWM and Quality Management (QM) being one of them. Although the integration between SAP ECC and SAP EWM already exists in a decentralized environment, the new features bring even more possibilities. Integration is now achieved through the Quality Inspection Engine (QIE). Today, SAP mainly focuses on EWM-QM integration in SAP S/4HANA. This is because SAP is focusing more on embedded EWM to integrate with QM.

New functionalities include:

  • Synchoninous Goods Receipt.

  • Inspection Lot Summary Per Delivery Item.

  • Creation Handling Unit Warehouse Task Follow Up.

How do I use the new functionalities?

  • The first new functionality can be deployed to support the Quality Management process when using Synchoninous Goods Receipt. This can be applied to external suppliers and production processes. This functionality already existed for some time but now also with the integration of Quality Management.

Please note, that the functionality is only available in embedded EWM. No inbound delivery needs to be created to book a goods receipt with a put-away, for the purchase order for EWM Managed Storage Locations. After goods receipt, a Warehouse Task is created in EWM and depending on the User Decision, a follow-up warehouse task is created.

To achieve this, the following Customising Setting must be done in the Inspection Object Type (IOT4)

When MIGO or PP transactions are used to book a goods receipt in EWM Managed Storage Locations, an Inspection Lot is created and Inspection Lot Summary, Skip Plots and Cancellations are also supported.

The following transactions are supported:

  • Inspection Lot Summary Per Delivery Item:

Another very nice new functionality available in SAP S/4HANA is the Inspection Lot Summary Per Delivery Item. This functionality allows you to create one Inspection Lot per Delivery Item in the case of multiple items with the same batch combination. 

You can activate this functionality in the Inspection Object Type (IOT4).

Before this new functionality, when you had an inbound delivery in EWM with multiple items of the same batch combination, only one Inspection Lot was created for the total quantity. With the new functionality, it is possible to create a separate Inspection Lot for each delivery item of the same batch combination.

Since the November release, there are a few more nice developments in the EWM-QM integration. That is the creation of a Handling Unit Warehouse Task as a follow-up action, after the User Decision has been made. This is especially useful when using a nested HU. When you use a Process Oriented Storage Control (POSC) for your follow-up process, this checkbox is ignored.

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