The Perfect Planning Guard

The introduction of our Perfect Planning Guard raises master data management to a higher level. With this solution for inefficiency on the input side of S&OP, manufacturing companies can improve their planning result with 5% - 10% or even more. The added value of the Perfect Planning Guard was recently praised with the SAP IBP Innovation Award, voted for by the same companies that benefit from this new tool.

The Perfect Planning Guard supports the full lifecycle (creation, monitoring and retirement) for planning with relevant master data, in order to ensure and safeguard optimal planning and performance in SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning). The tool makes sure that the data coming from the - often various types of - source systems and the data converged in the planning environment (SAP IBP) are consistent. Installed as a gatekeeper between input and output, it provides instant insight into the quality of master data.

Perfect planning with consistent data between all source system and SAP IBP

Therefore, the Perfect Planning Guard provides the solution for a problem experienced by 63% of planners, according to Gartner Research. The number one challenge among manufacturing companies is connecting sales and operations planning (S&OP) to their operational plan of execution. No wonder that the companies that voted for the SAP IBP Innovation Challenge chose our tool as the winner: It assures perfect planning with consistent data between all source systems (SAP and non-SAP) and SAP IBP. By using the Perfect Planning Guard, companies can focus on what is important in their supply chain.

It’s also a ‘no-brainer’ in terms of ROI (Return Of Investment) because of the limited implementation time and cost. The basic version is up and running within two to four weeks. Once installed, the Perfect Planning Guard consists of four main functionalities: ‘Smart Creation’ (of new planning combinations, validated and based on available source data), ‘Smart Maintenance’ (of master data by intelligent grouping), ‘Smart Deletion’ (validated by custom checks) and ‘Smart Monitoring’ (of planning combinations using the planning cockpit).

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