Intelligent Analytics

Business Intelligence is understanding what your business does and has done. That is the classic definition of BI. Turning data into business information and then making it available to decision-makers in a readable way. At the right time, of course, and with optimal data quality. In other words: are we looking at the right numbers and facts, so that we can see the consequences of the decisions taken? In other words: what happened? BI is not a technical gimmick. It is the result of close cooperation between business and technology, by people who understand both.

What do we need to do to interpret the data?

Data is often not the problem. Most companies have a lot of data, so much so that they can no longer see the wood for the trees. Looking at data provides insight into what has happened, but it is very operational and does not make connections with other data. 

Hence the need for a next step. Compressing data, combining it with other data, and providing it with content. This creates information, an indispensable part of any business operation. Imagine, you make a decision. Reports then show us later what the consequences are. This shows whether these decisions were the right ones. In other words: why did it happen?

This is all in retrospect...

At McCoy, we see this as the limitation of classical BI. Looking back to see if things went as we had hoped and expected. A bit like driving a car but only looking in the rear-view mirror. It is very difficult to be able to continue driving and not cause accidents. 

Could this be any more intelligent?

Intelligent Analytics takes BI to the next stage: What's going to happen and what do we want to happen? Making sure that you are also looking through your windscreen while driving your car on that winding road. Think of McCoy as the navigation system that helps you look even further ahead and choose the optimal route. We take the information from the past, combine it intelligently with other data, and are then able to make predictions that match the needs of the business. In our view, this is the next phase of BI. The ultimate support for your future decisions.

Are you ready to move to the next stage?

McCoy guides its customers on this journey to Intelligent Analytics. Together with the client, we determine where they stand on the basis of an assessment. Next, a dot is set on the horizon and a step-by-step plan is drawn up on how to get there.

Our customers who we have guided along this route are, without exception, extremely enthusiastic. They see the clear added value of their investment in BI, use the information much more intensively and in a more structured way, and therefore take more intelligent decisions. A journey that is absolutely worthwhile.

Want to know more or are you ready for departure? Please contact Roel van Bommel via e-mail or 06 22 69 83 92.