Simply McCoy?

In 2012, four men had an idea. All their accumulated experience in different IT companies would all be applied again in a new company. A company with a clear mission. To become the best in their market. The nicest company to work for. The best company to work with.

And that included a name. A name that stands for the best of its kind. As the Americans say: for 'The Real Thing'. So that became McCoy.

Apart from an old family of (illegal) Scotch whiskey distillers, this name also stands for exactly what we want to be and radiate. The best SAP company to work for and with.

And because we believe in simplifying IT: Simply McCoy.

Who was Bill McCoy?

This notorious captain/booze smuggler managed to smuggle huge quantities of whiskey from the Bahamas into the US and had a reputation for supplying only the best stuff. Underneath were many bottles of Cutty Sark. When Prohibition was revoked in 1933, the brand already had a solid beach head in the US and was able to build on its worldwide success. The whiskey that Captain Bill McCoy smuggled into the US was of excellent quality. That's where the expression 'The Real McCoy' comes from when someone talks about 'the real thing'. Cutty Sark was the first whiskey brand to sell more than 1 million 9 liter cases (boxes of 12 0.75 liter bottles) in the United States.

For more information see: wikipedia.