Smart finance using SAP: smart closing, less risk, more insight

A fast closing process - always correct

To make finance work for your entire business, bet on smart compliance, lower process and closing costs, efficiency and data-driven insight. Want to close quickly and immediately with McCoy's SAP solutions for finance? We will help you.

A streamlined period end closing: finance is on the mark

As you know, streamlining and automating your period-end processes is becoming increasingly important. Processes follow each other faster, the time you have to close is getting shorter and you are faced with more work in less time. As a result, many organisations are struggling with publication and control pressure. Tasks are completed in a hurry and sometimes figures are edited manually, which results in a loss of transparency and effectiveness.

Being in control of your finances means freeing up time to work more strategically and achieve that perfect balance between compliance, efficiency and insight. At McCoy we believe that finance is on the mark. Transforming to an intelligent, end-to-end integrated finance function ensures that you add value immediately. With our special Smart Close approach to finance, you'll be on the right track right away.

What are the benefits of accurate and fast closing with McCoy's Smart Close approach?

  • Your process costs remain low.

  • You finish faster. This enables you to work with a view towards the future, avoid endless corrections from the past and keep your tasks clear.

  • Your publications, statements and books are also reliable. This way, you control your business on the basis of the right information.

  • You are agile and flexible. And ready for tomorrow!

End-to-end process approach and 100% SAP expertise

An intelligent finance function is a data-driven, all-round integrated organisation. An end-to-end approach to your processes is essential to this.

McCoy's finance business unit has had project experience since the first S/4HANA delivery. In the meantime, we have helped a large number of customers integrate their finance departments and systems. Take a look at what we did at Alliander, for example. Take a look at what we achieved at Alliander.

Closing fast and instantly with McCoy's SAP solutions for finance. Would you like to know more? Or want to discuss matters with one of our finance experts? We look forward to hearing from you!