Alliander accelerates business transformation with McCoy

The energy market is in transition. Nowadays, there are more electric cars, solar panels are increasingly being installed on roofs and more wind farms are being built. As one of the largest network companies, Alliander is facilitating this transition by keeping up with developments but also by responding quickly to the rising demand for green energy. Investing in an efficient transformation program is therefore inevitable. Under the name #simplification - a name that perfectly matches McCoy's values - Alliander started its journey to simplify business processes.

Why Alliander chose to work with McCoy

At McCoy, we are also evolving all the time. Within the data management team, the use of MDG (Master Data Governance) is now also part of the competences. MDG allows you to aggregate and maintain your master data - a functionality Alliander was keen to try out within their finance module. Since the cost center is the one undergoing the most changes, we chose to install this object first.

What they got out of it

Because MDG is a central hub for master data, the old RPA tool could be discontinued immediately. Cost centers now synchronize automatically across two systems. The S/4HANA system remains standard, an explicit wish of Alliander. This makes any future shift to the cloud a simple matter.

How we achieved this together

Close cooperation with the key users ensured short lines of communication between the project team and the business. There were weekly meetings that allowed decisions to be made quickly, and the result is very impressive. A great solution and a follow-up project result in maintaining MDG as business partners.