Alliander Central Finance (Discovery)

Works on the energy of today and tomorrow for one-third of the Dutch market. 

Why Alliander chose McCoy

Strategic objectives

  • Work towards simplifying all business processes with the strategic digitalization program #Simplification.

  • Lay a solid financial foundation for the transition to S/4HANA by starting with Central Finance. The goal was to provide Alliander Finance with reliable steering information that provides maximum support for decisiveness and agility.  

McCoy as a partner

Alliander works with us because of our shared vision of digital transformations. We both believe that it should be about simplification. It's no coincidence that our mission statement is 'Simply McCoy'. Furthermore, we agree on the vision that IT should strengthen the business. 

What they got out of it

The scope of our mission was to go through the Discovery Phase with Alliander. During this all, we showed them best practices of the future processes in Fiori. This provided:

  • Valuable insights and input for requirements to be formulated in the next (Explore) phase.

  • As a result, Alliander can move smoothly through the next phase; they know what possibilities the new system has.  

  • Input for a future-proof financial data model. We used our SMART Enterprise Structure and SMART Finance Foundation accelerators for this.  In the final report, we laid out the guidelines, rational and naming conventions for each data object.  

How we achieved this together

A key success factor is our Experience Tour of all processes for smooth monthly closures. This enables Alliander to focus completely on wishes and requirements in the next project phase; after all, they already know the tool and processes. Another important advantage of these Tours is that we involve people at an early stage. This way, we laid a solid foundation for successful change management at Alliander.