Alliander and McCoy: Collaborating for Optimal Management Information

Alliander and McCoy: Collaborating for Optimal Management Information

Alliander is one of the largest network companies in the Netherlands and the parent company of network operator Liander, among others. Alliander develops and manages the energy grid for millions of Dutch citizens. The significant pressure on the current energy transition also necessitated a change for the Reporting House department.

Strategic Goal

Reliable information is crucial for making well-informed decisions, including within Alliander. Therefore, three years ago, the Reporting House was established with the aim of delivering centrally managed reports based on standardized processes and automated operations. The result? More efficient and effective decision-making.

McCoy as a Partner

To ensure the success of the department's launch, Alliander partnered with McCoy's Business Intelligence team. The successful contributions to projects such as the EWM and Central Finance projects and the reorganization of procurement processes certainly helped build mutual trust.

"McCoy employees are known at Alliander for their confident demeanor, high engagement, and proactive approach in professionalizing our department"Martijn Kodde, Business Intelligence Group Leader at Reporting House

How We Achieved This Together 

Several components contributed to the success of this trajectory:

  • Interim Group Leader from McCoy 

Appointing an interim group leader from McCoy brought more stability, calm, and trust to the Business Intelligence group. This leadership provided the necessary guidance and direction.

  • Deployment of Business Intelligence Developers 

Multiple BI developers from McCoy were deployed in the Reporting House. Thanks to their high level of expertise in Business Intelligence applications, they work quickly and efficiently in scrum teams. They brought not only technical skills but also proactive advice and constructive feedback.

  • Standardization of Reporting Models 

Setting up a standard reporting model based on OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) was an important aspect of the collaboration. This model ensured clarity and consistency in management information, contributing to better decision-making.

  • Optimization of UI/UX 

McCoy also contributed to optimizing the user experience and interface of the reports. This resulted in more user-friendly reports for Alliander employees.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Training 

Through storytelling training and one-on-one mentoring from McCoy in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a culture of knowledge sharing was promoted within the group. These training sessions and one-on-one meetings contributed to the professionalization and growth of the group.

What This Delivered for Them

  • Stability and calm in the Business Intelligence group

  • A unified vision with standardized workflows

  • A culture of knowledge sharing in the Business Intelligence group

  • Improved user experience

  • More effective decision-making through better management information

The success of this trajectory led Alliander to also involve a McTalent in the transition to their new data platform, new BI tools, and the transition to S/4HANA.

Do you also need optimized management information?

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