Lumileds - SAP IBP

Works to advance technology in lighting, especially LED, and creates opportunities in lighting in the automotive industry, amongst others.

Why Lumileds chose McCoy

Strategic objectives

  • A future-proof supply chain, with the standard of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) as a solid foundation.

  • Anticipate potential issues through constraint-based planning.

McCoy as a partner

Lumileds partnered with us because of our end-to-end vision 'More Than IT' and the approach we developed for this project. During this project, we were reasoning from processes and goals of the business. Unique was our proposal to work with a Proof of Concept and a parallel run to make the right choices with the business for standard versus customization.

What they got out of it

The scope of our assignment was a major change to the SAP IBP landscape at Lumileds. Our joint end result was twofold:

  • To make a robust yet flexible IBP system more robust and ready for the world of tomorrow. We greatly simplified the system and brought it back to the standard, so that it is once again well aligned with the business processes.

  • More complete insight into the supply chain.

  • Reduction of manual work and therefore more efficient work.

  • More effective communication on production planning and greater understanding between individual business units and factories.

  • A 'boring go-live' in which everything went according to plan. The runs that Lumileds ran afterwards also went smoothly.

How we achieved this together

  • The success of this project was based on 4 key elements of our approach: Starting with a Proof of Concept. This enabled us to determine which business requirements were relevant and which were not and to reduce the customization to the core.

  • Involving the business and keeping the pressure on. We worked iteratively and in a short period of 3 months. In alternating 'work weeks' and 'workshop weeks' we translated the Proof of Concept into a solution that met the wishes and requirements of the business.

  • Return to standard. During the workshops we always placed the wishes of the business in a larger perspective. We listened to the underlying goals and made the consequences of tailor-made wishes explicit. This created support for a return to the standard.

  • Parallel run. We ran a parallel run with the further developed PoC. The business could test the old and new solution for 3 months and then made a well-founded choice for the new SAP IBP solution.