Marel - S/4HANA

Originally Icelandic machine builder that has acquired several companies worldwide. Produces machinery for food processing (fish, meat, poultry).

Why Marel chose McCoy

Strategic objectives

  • Simplify the complex organizational structure because of the strategic focus on 'One Face to the Customer'.

  • Simplify the existing operating model to contribute to 12% growth per year.

  • Achieve efficiency benefits and shift the focus to innovation and growth by working in a uniform way at all locations.

McCoy as a partner

''After exploratory discussions with other suppliers, we did not consider issuing a request for proposal in the rest of the market. The knowledge and expertise that McCoy has and the PoC for S/4HANA Regional Offices that they delivered completely convinced us''  - Marcel Triepels, Enterprise Architect.

Marel was looking for a partner that combines expertise of S4/HANA with a vision and knowledge of their business processes, and who could take people along in the change. We got the job because we did not only implement a system, but also advised on the smartest approach and the involvement of the right stakeholders.

[cta id="4" title="Switching to S/4HANA? Here's what to think about"]Switching to S/4HANA? Here's what you need to think about[/cta].

What they got out of it so far

This project is in full swing and is proceeding to the satisfaction of the client. We laid a solid foundation for implementation:

  • Marel SAP S/4HANA Template.

  • An informed choice for the right implementation strategy.

  • Accelerator for the implementation of S/4HANA (European and global).

  • Operating model (Single Business Entity) translated into corresponding business processes.

  • Processes for the new way of working defined so that employees know what is going to change.

How we achieved this together

A key success factor in our approach with Marel is how we achieved stakeholder alignment. Through our long-term collaboration with Marel, we built relationships of trust with the stakeholders involved. 

Also, our in-depth knowledge and experience of SAP S4/HANA, best practices and Marel's operating model played an important role in the success of this project.