Nouryon evolves to onboarding 2.0 with McCoy

Nouryon is a global player in chemistry, spun off from Akzo Nobel in 2018 and operates in 20 countries with around 10,000 employees. McCoy is the chosen deployment partner for the implementation of SuccessFactors. 

Strategic Objectives

Nouryon decided to transition from Onboarding 1.0 to Onboarding 2.0 and roll it out globally. This new SuccessFactors module contributed to: 

  • An improvement to the HRIT landscape and overall onboarding employee experience;

  • Digitize and thus create more grip, insight and efficiency for HR on onboarding processes globally;

  • Being operational with a new onboarding process in 20 countries within 4 months

McCoy as a partner 

Nouryon chose McCoy because they had a strong need for a partner who could advise them in the field of Employee Experience and Data Driven HR.

After all, setting up a future-proof HRIS requires gaining insight so that you know where and how you can start steering, but simultaneously provides the necessary advice in relation to the desired Employee Experience. 

[cta id="1" title="SAP implementation touches IT and business"]SAP implementation touches IT and business[/cta]. 

What they got out of it

  • A successful go live within 4 months;

  • Far-reaching standardization and corresponding efficiency of all Onboarding processes internationally;

  • Integration into the existing SuccessFactors landscape

How we achieved this together

A few success factors played a key role during this project:  

  • McCoy's strong focus and approach to 'people / experience' made this a successful project

  • The project plan was set up internationally with several global workshops, all online (because of COVID), but by involving stakeholders immediately you create early adoption of the new way of working. We continuously challenged the business on the usefulness and necessity of processes in relation to Best Practices and the objective of working more efficiently.

  • Commitment from Nouryon on results and speed. They also took the lead in realizing this implementation; a strong project team on the side of McCoy and Nouryon contributed to the project progress.

  • Starting point: Employee Experience! By drawing attention to the importance of how the processes are experienced and how you can optimize this, you create real impact.