Nouryon - SAP Ariba

Nouryon is a global player in essential chemistry, spun off from Akzo Chemical in 2018. An ambitious company needs a well thought out application landscape and Nouryon chose SAP Ariba as its procurement domain for the future. This replaced the old SRM landscape in order to improve the user experience, be more agile and achieve more in-depth collaboration with suppliers.    

Why Nouryon chose McCoy  

Strategic objectives 

  • Seize the opportunity of the Akzo Chemical merger to improve the procurement application landscape and develop a new procurement vision.  

  • Digitalize and thus create more grip, insight and efficiency for procurement on sourcing, contract management and purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes.  

  • A new P2P system operational in 20 countries within 6 months; due to the split, old systems were no longer available and this was a hard deadline.  

McCoy as a Partner  

Nouryon chose McCoy because of our experience with SAP Ariba projects where a good result had to be achieved under great time pressure. We successfully guided a similar go-live for Philips Lighting, among others. In addition, our combined expertise of processes, systems and change management was valuable to Nouryon.

What they got out of it

  • A successful go live in record time: within 6 months.  

  • The fact that quality and speed go hand in hand is proven by the SAP Customer Success Award that we won together with Nouryon for this project.    

  • Far-reaching standardization and corresponding efficiency of all sourcing, contract and P2P processes: 

  • We transferred over a 100 catalogs to Ariba and migrated to the Ariba Network for integrated handling of the P2P and sourcing process.  

  • 20,000 suppliers now receive purchase orders through this network. 

  • We also integrated the Ariba Network with Vendor Invoice Management.   

  • Ariba Contract Management went live successfully during the Corona crisis. All purchase contracts are now approved, signed and stored in one system.    

How we achieved this together

Three success factors played a key role during this project:  

  • A strong focus by us on delivery of a minimal viable product (MVP). Nouryon's tight deadline demanded this. We continuously challenged the business on the usefulness and necessity of processes in relation to the deadline and objective to work more efficiently.

  • Commitment from Nouryon on results and speed. They took the lead themselves in order to achieve an MVP within the deadlines.

  • Strong focus on change management and a permanent change manager from day 1. She used a change management tracker to map out potential bottlenecks. This focus on 'people' in addition to the platform and processes made this record turnaround time possible.