Royal DSM - Data management

Royal DSM N.V. is a global, purpose-led Health, Nutrition and Bioscience company that uses science to improve the health of people, animals and the planet. DSM has around 23,000 employees worldwide. DSM was founded in 1902 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. Its net annual turnover is approximately €10 billion.

Why DSM chose McCoy

McCoy is seen in the market as a recognized and certified SAP Ariba implementation partner with a proven track record at various companies of different sizes in different sectors. In the Netherlands, McCoy is also seen as the number one implementation partner in the field of SAP Ariba, where both the number of consultants and the track record counts. With the Smartdata platform McCoy has the tools to make every migration project a success.

McCoy as a partner

During the pilot, there were 2 SAP backend and 3 Ariba Realms in scope. In this phase of the project, the data was delivered manually in files with varying structures, which then had to be manually converted to Ariba load files. This process took too much time to be used even during Phase 2, in which the rest of the company had to be transferred.

What they got out of it

To support the high ambition, steps were automated. The data was delivered via 'MD trackers'. These are files in which the data can be easily delivered, and automatic checks and validations are performed directly. The SmartData platform was used to convert the data in the MD Trackers into load files for Ariba and to perform further checks. This reduced the turnaround time in the core team from a week to a few hours per site.

How we achieved this together

The use of MD trackers and the SmartData platform resulted in a uniform way of working with a clear separation of tasks and responsibilities. The main success factors of using MD trackers and the SmartData platform were the data quality (increase and insight) and the ability to process large amounts of data in a short period of time. Increasing the quality was made possible by the validations in the MD Tracker. Insight into the quality became visible in the MD tracker and through the additional validations in the SmartData platform. Even before the data was loaded into Ariba, possible errors could be traced and corrected.