Strukton Worksphere

Develops, maintains and manages technical installations and sustainable buildings in the Netherlands.

Why Strukton chose McCoy 

Strategic objectives

  • Leading the way in digitalization by making smart use of data. For a data-driven future and 'smart buildings', SAP is the engine on which the operation runs 24/7.

  • Working smarter by cleaning up the business model, without throwing away what had been invested in for years. 

McCoy as a partner

Strukton chose McCoy because of our in-depth knowledge of their business processes for Finance, Data and Business Intelligence. Our unique SMART Re-use(TM) approach was decisive. This matched exactly with their desire to improve without simply throwing away all historical data.

What they got out of it

With this project that went live in January 2020, we won an SAP Customer Success Award. For the business, our collaboration delivered the following:

  • The basis is always up to standard and the engine is running. This makes Strukton ready for new, digital innovations.

  • An adjusted business model, a clean system and a departure from all unnecessary customization.

  • This means faster monthly and periodic closing, correct data and a significant increase in efficiency in finance.

  • High user-friendliness: Strukton now enjoys creating dashboards because it is so simple.  

How we achieved this together

We would like to highlight two success factors for this project:

  • Solid McCoy consultants who dared to say 'no'. Strukton had a tight deadline for this project. We met it, with a relatively low investment for Strukton. It was crucial to monitor the scope of the enthusiastic ideas from the business. 

  • Collaboration with other parties. Several IT parties were involved in this project as subcontractors for integration, among other things. This requires cooperation and the ability to put our egos aside.