Wefabricate SAP S4HANA Public Cloud EWM

Wefabricate: Making a Fast Leap to a Future-Proof SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud & EWM System

Boundless startup Wefabricate is making an impact, taking manufacturing to the next level with their groundbreaking ideas. Over the past few years, this dynamic startup has experienced impressive growth, with efficiency, quality, and speed always at the forefront of their values. This led to the need to streamline (complex) processes and increase their adaptability. In short, it was time for a new ERP landscape.

Two Companies, One Challenge

With an increasing demand from customers and even more expected expansions on both national and international levels, one thing became clear, the transition could not wait. But there was another reason: the ramp-up in August. Big challenges and that means a flawless implementation. Wefabricate was looking for a solution with a smart standard that could be implemented directly within the organization. The best practices of S/4HANA Public Cloud turned out to be the perfect solution.

Why Wefabricate chose McCoy

Drive and dedication were the keywords for this implementation. In the world of ERP, there is no shortage of implementation partners, but not everyone was willing to start from scratch with a greenfield implementation. But we love a challenge or two. With a clear vision, we got to work.

Challenges but also Many Insights

To be honest, it was quite a task. Especially because SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud is a relatively new product, it wasn't just about bringing items and best practices into scope. Because what is self-evident with on-premise turns out to work slightly differently in the cloud. Below are some insights for the next phase:

  • In-depth knowledge: despite the fact that the SAP Best Practices are extensively documented, there is often a lot of research needed to make it work effortlessly.

  • In development: technological landscapes change. Even with best practices, it is important to remain flexible and take into account any changes.

  • A good approach: overlap between workshops, migration activities, and last-minute changes, demonstrate how important good planning is.

  • Deploy the right resources in a timely manner: to ensure a successful transfer and knowledge, it is important to start training at the right time.

  • Aftercare: timing is important. A short preparation and go-live just before the holiday period, ensures longer hyper-aftercare to guarantee stability.

What did the New IT Landscape bring Wefabricate

Despite all the challenges, flexibility and a pragmatic approach were the common denominator. And in our opinion, a good basis for a successful process. By implementing SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, WeFabricate has now laid a strong foundation for the future.

  • Thanks to MRP, they no longer have to manually calculate material needs and can proactively respond to a dynamic market.

  • Processes are now visible and transparent.

  • Wefabricate now has a cloud system that receives multiple upgrades annually. This makes the latest technologies and applications available and allows them to constantly innovate.

  • A partner with a solve-first-settle-later mentality.

Do you want to know more about SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud or discover what McCoy can do for your organization? Contact Jan Laros.