What steps does McCoy take towards sustainability?

"Be the change you want to see." Clichéd? Yes. But we do believe this is important when talking about sustainable business. Therefore, in addition to sustainability advocacy with our customers, we also work hard for a sustainable workplace within McCoy itself. For and by our McCoyans.

A great place to work for 4 years in a row

Every year we participate in Great Place To Work® - an employee survey that focuses on employee experience. With amazing results! We've scored well as a fine, no, a "great" place to work for 4 years in a row! Not surprising, by the way. Investing in people, collaborations and nurturing talent is deeply embedded in our core values.

McCoy still a Great Place to Work

Dashboard for CO2 reduction

Naturally, we aspire to become a carbon-neutral company. And we know better than anyone: to measure is to know. Therefore, we keep track of our CO2 emissions as best we can via our CO2 calculator. The data provides insight and further guidance for offsetting these emissions.

A sustainable office

In 2023, we will move to a new office that meets all sustainability standards and checks green labels. The new office on the TUe site is located in green surroundings, has excellent public transport access, and is situated above the Chamber of Commerce. Innovative, sustainable and entrepreneurial... McCoy to the max.

CO2 compensation via JustDiggit

We try to offset the CO2 emissions we produce, as much as possible, through various sustainability initiatives. 'Friend of McCoy' Justdiggit is one of them. Justdiggit is making dry land in Africa green again, on a large scale. This has a positive impact on the climate, nature and people.

Vitality is paramount

Sufficient exercise and healthy food: we do everything we can to keep our McCoyans fit. We have many different sports teams, we participate in the Eindhoven Marathon every year and organize various activities during our McCoy Vierdaagse.


What is your individual purpose? What drives the things you do? And what are you moving towards? In our McCoy purpose workshops, we help McCoyans discover their personal goals. We believe it’s an accelerator for success.

Putting our Christmas bonus to good use

Every year, our McCoyans get the chance to use their Christmas bonus for a charity of their choosing. And they take good advantage of it. We also keep the planet in mind when giving (annual) gifts. For example, gifting bee hotels to all employees.

Equal opportunities with JINC

Inequality in the labor market is unfortunately still common. JINC supports young people from neighborhoods with socioeconomic disadvantages and helps them get a good start in the labor market. In cooperation with JINC, we organize creative brainstorming sessions and promising ‘bliksemstage’ or lightning internships.

Equal opportunities with JINC

Are you here to make a difference? We are always open for a fresh perspective and a cup of coffee. Check out our job openings or contact Joost directly.