The Ultimate Integration

Integration is essential in an Intelligent Enterprise: to stay ready for the future, connection is a necessity. And to be honest, that can sometimes be quite a puzzle. Especially if you work with several systems under the same roof. How do you organize this cleverly? We will help you to find your way.

Connecting data, processes and people

For us, integration is the technical piece behind improving your business operations. So what do we do? In a nutshell: we create interfaces that allow different systems to talk to each other. We bring processes, data and people together in a logical way, by combining multi-cloud solutions like SAP Cloud Platform and Mulesoft with Mendix, AWS, Azure and Google. The result? Real-time insight into relevant information - for example, for the Finance department, the supplier and the employee in the warehouse.

McCoy as one-stop-shop

For us, integration is more than just implementing a connection. Besides building and maintaining your integration, we also monitor it 24/7. This means that - in addition to immediately resolving errors - we also use our self-developed app and our data lake full of logging data to prevent errors in interfaces. Because we deliver the total package, we keep the back end clean and are there for you every time you need a new integration. Integration-as-a-service, where our scalable services make your move to the Cloud a lot easier.

Creating business value

With a strong integration, no one in your company will be faced with unexpected surprises and you will make your business future-proof. It leads to efficient working and fewer errors: business processes are stable and will remain so. But it also opens doors to the future. You have a mountain of data at your disposal - much more than you might think. We can help you to use it intelligently by looking for connections. Bringing data, processes and people together, and thus creating added value for your business.

In your digital transformation, we go for The Ultimate Integration. Would you like to know more? Or discuss it with one of our integration experts? Get in touch with Peter Dau: