The unique solution to your Integration Puzzle: Integration Studio

Assured top-quality, pay per use

Connection is the lifeline of your digital transformation. Without a connection between processes and applications, data and people, smooth business operations are impossible, let alone an intelligent enterprise.

Eliminating 'idle time' for integration consultant

Integration consultants are crucial in establishing these vital connections. We also believe this is a beautiful and important role. It is essential for different systems to 'talk' to each other. But, do you really need to hire a consultant for 40 hours a week? And where do you find that one integration specialist who understands all domains? The short answer to those two questions: 1) no 2) they don't exist.

Unique concept: Integration Studio

At McCoy, we have a unique solution: we build and manage integration solutions from our Integration Studio. It's 'as a service'. This makes your transition to the Cloud a lot simpler. About the Studio:

  • On-demand: we scale up and down according to your needs.

  • A specialist for each integration domain. Mendix, AWS, Azure, Google ... Our specialists make them communicate with multi-cloud solutions like SAP Cloud Platform and Mulesoft.

  • Assured stability of the integration platform and interfaces.

  • Prevent risks before they become a problem thanks to unique, 24/7 monitoring dashboards.

  • Only pay for actual hours worked.

  • Free up time to focus on your own business and innovation.

Assured top-quality: our approach

You can count on the quality our studio delivers. We work according to fixed steps to achieve the best results:

  • You submit a work package.

  • We conduct an intake to clearly understand the puzzle.

  • We propose a solution and start with the technical design.

  • We build and test the technical solution.

  • We conduct an additional internal quality control.

  • You perform an acceptance test.

  • We proactively monitor from acceptance. If we see any points for attention, we resolve them.

The business value

Strong integration makes your company future-proof. It increases the efficiency, predictability, and stability of processes. You always have real-time insight into relevant information, and it paves the way to fully utilize the potential of your data mountain.

Tired of paying a lot for little?

Then the Integration Studio is for you. Let's together disrupt the integration market and tackle it radically differently and better. Basic-Fit, PostNL, Spandex and ForFarmers have already joined us. Contact Peter Dau or Jan Laros to discuss the opportunities for your organization.