Kris van Brouwershaven

How to SAC: add SAP Icons to your SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards

With the latest updates of SAP Analytics Cloud, we got the option to add scripting to our dashboards. This enables us to do a lot of cool things, but sometimes ensuring this is added in a visually pleasing way is a challenge. Well: not anymore!

This week I found out how to add the official SAP Icons to SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboards!
It’s very simple and this blog shows you how to do this in 6 easy steps

Prerequisites: you must be administrator of your tenant.

Step 1: Go to your Administration-page

Step 2: Go to ‘Default Appearances, scroll down and click on the + icon next to ‘Fonts’

In this area, you can make several changes, but for the fonts you’ll have to scroll down.

Step 3: Add the Custom Styling Sheet as a font

Fill in the web link with this URL and press ‘OK’:

Step 4: Add a button to your dashboard and change the Font

In order for this to work, you must change the Font to be the newly added SAP-icons.

We also recommend the following settings for the button:

  • Height: 42px

  • Width: 32px

  • Font-Size: 24

Step 5: Fetch the SAP Icon from their website

Go to Icon Explorer ( and look for the icon you want!
After clicking on it, make sure you copy the text using the designated copy-button.

Step 6: Add the copied Icon as text

Paste the copied text in the ‘Text’-area of the button. It will look like ‘[]’, but this is the way it should look.

When you look at your button, it’s correct:

With this feature, you can add as much SAP Icons as you’d like to your dashboards!
There are numerous ways this can work in your advantage since it has the potential to take your dashboard design to a whole new level.