Robin Siemons

Maintaining an overview in the warehouse with SAP Extended Warehouse Management!

Lack of visibility in processes, information scattered everywhere, inefficient working methods. As SAP EWM consultants, we see it too often. And it remains a difficult phenomenon. So what can you do about it? How do you keep an overview of your processes and how do you create a manageable warehouse?

The answer is simple: with the Clean Desk Cockpit. A lack of control and transparency is already a challenge. But it is even more difficult during a go-live. Because with various stakeholders, user problems, and changes, you need structure and overview. And that's why we developed the Fiori App “Clean Desk Cockpit”.

Clean Desk Cockpit: the term is derived from Clean Desk Policy. But in this case, it is a tool that displays a dashboard with real-time information about important objects. These objects need to be monitored daily. The dashboard not only gives a good overview of the processes but also exposes the pain points of the warehouse. In this way, small (invisible) challenges can be easily and quickly solved. This prevents challenges from accumulating and creating a problem.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the objects are displayed in cards. Each card shows the status of a specific object. You can easily sort them yourself. In addition, the objects are visualized with color codes and graphs to provide a clear picture. Do you have multiple warehouses under your control? No problem. You can add multiple locations to the app.

In total, there are 13 objects that are included by default. These are the most common objects that are important for almost every warehouse. Specific wishes and extensions can be easily added because the app uses standard SAP technology.

Optimizing operational processes? Faster lead times? Improved (order picking) processes? It's all possible with the Clean Desk Cockpit. Do you want to know more about this solution? We are happy to tell you more.