Kylian Swinkels

Simple Footprint Reduction

From Idea to Success

There they are, two colleagues with an idea. An idea to make the world a bit better, with the help of ERP software. Motivated by the opportunities that McCoy offers through their own enterprise platform, they get to work. The first McCoy Sharktank is scheduled and they are determined to win. This is a blog about Nick Hurkmans and Kylian Swinkels, who have started working on their idea about Simple Footprint Reduction.

The Idea

Simple Footprint Reduction means that we help our clients reduce their emissions. We do this through the following three steps:

  • The customer has a current level of emissions and wants, or needs, to improve. However, that current level of emissions is not yet known. We map out the customer's emissions for them. We do this based on technologies that SAP launches under the name Product Footprint Management. The first step of our approach is the implementation of this module.

  • Dashboards from Product Footprint Management shows how much a product's emissions contribute to global warming, based on CO2 equivalents. The customer analyses these dashboards and, together with McCoy, determines a strategy to reduce emissions.

  • After outlining a strategy, we move on to solid actions. We improve and reform processes to reduce our customer's emissions. We do this based on our own McCoy Sustainable best practices.

In this way, we ensure that we translate sustainability goals into real actions and add value to our customers throughout the entire process.

The Effort

After bringing our idea to the McCoy Sharktank, we immediately got to work with a number of brainstorming sessions. In the evenings, after work, we sat together in the office to brainstorm a pitch about Simple Footprint Reduction. Then we presented our first internal pitch, where we received feedback and coaching. This helped us make our idea more explicit.  We developed a project plan and thought about things like ROI and potential customers. Later, a second internal pitch followed and we received good feedback again, that gave our story more substance. This ensured that we were ready for the "real deal," with the real Sharks.

The Competition

D-day finally arrived. We were allowed to pitch our story to a number of sharks: higher level management from different companies who were genuinely interested in our idea. The competition was strong, but the sharks were convinced of our story. We were able to take the leading position and won the internal shark tank, thus we could further develop our idea. We are now fully engaged and committed to this, so we can score our first Simple Footprint Reduction project in the near future.

The Key to Success

Communicating our vision has led to the sharks being convinced of our idea. Reducing the carbon footprint is necessary to prevent the earth from becoming uninhabitable. As a result, our idea and our product is more urgent than ever. An investment in sustainability not only leads to a more habitable world, but it will also lead to more profit. This allows us to clearly demonstrate what our customers gain when they work with us. This is why our unique proposition has landed well with the sharks, convincing them that Simple Footprint Reduction is an idea that will be successful.

What's Next

What does the future of Simple Footprint Reduction look like? We are now working on turning the idea into a product, while working in parallel on a marketing and sales strategy to put our proposition well in the market. This will lead to a number of sales processes, where we will focus on a first Simple Footprint Reduction project in 2022!

Interested in finding out what became of Nick & Kylian's idea? Or do you want to know more about McCoy's vision on sustainability? You can check more details Download