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Why stop at the gate?

Remove your blind spot and speed up gate in & gate out processes with Yard Logistics.

What actually happens beyond the doors of your warehouse, but within your grounds? There are plenty of businesses with a distribution center unable to answer this question. The so-called ‘Yard’ is a blind spot where there’s a lot to gain AND a lot to lose. Fierce competition, ever-growing online sales and staff shortages make it a necessity to be clever about people and assets. Yard Logistic offers brand new tools to tackle this problem.

The connecting link

Within the SAP solution for Supply Chain Execution, EWM provides for all your warehousing needs and TM arranges the transport of your goods. Yard Logistics is the link between these two. The process starts as soon as the goods are loaded from the warehouse into the trailer or container and ends as soon as the trailer or container leaves the warehouse site. This solves the blind spot that many companies still suffer from. Simply put, Yard Logistics is a Yard Management solution: everything outside the warehouse and within the site’s fences. A large distribution center often has hundreds of yard movements per day. Why would you optimize warehousing and transportation, only to stop at the gate?

SAP has smart solutions for every link in the logistics chain. Do you have the ambition to further optimize your process? Then check whether you already have all the functionalities for this in-house:


  • From the moment the goods enter your warehouse

  • All internal movements in your warehouse

  • Goods that are picked up to and including loading

Yard logistics

  • Real time insight in where your assets are located

  • Monitoring the inbound and outbound processes

  • Who's in your yard and why they are there

  • Insight into your processes and the time they take

  • Adjust based on these insights


  • Planning your deliveries with your available resources

  • Monitoring the delivery

  • The billing of the delivery

Are you missing functionalities of Yard Logistics? Then you have a blind spot at the moments your goods come in and out. As a result, you run the risk of incorrectly shipping your goods or even loading them incorrectly. Figuring this out will also take a lot of time and effort. 

Real-time visibility

Yard Logistics has a standard 3D view of your yard where you can see in real time:

  • Where your trailers are

  • Where trucks are located

  • How many docks are available

  • What the status of the Yard Order is (don't know what yard orders are? Check out our McCoy TV on SAP Yard Logistics)

With this information you can speed up your gate-in and gate-out processes and thus use your assets more efficiently. The result is a decrease in the number of FTE required.

Get into action

Do you also need more insight into the movements on your yard and do you want to take immediate action? Get in touch! We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities while enjoying a cup of coffee. Contact Bart de Bijl.

If you want more information about Yard Logistics, be sure to check out our McCoy TV on this topic