René Criellaard, Ralph Bazelmans, Fabian Uyterlinden

Webinar replay: SAP Basic Transportation Management in S/4HANA

SAP Basic Transportation Management

SAP Basic Transportation Management (Basic TM) is now part of the standard S/4HANA license. This module helps companies manage their transportation activities. It provides functionalities for both inbound and outbound processes. As a result, all organizations that have migrated to S/4HANA have access to all the functionality that Basic TM offers.

With SAP Basic TM, companies can optimize their inbound and outbound transportation processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. It provides an integrated solution within the SAP landscape for end-to-end transport management.

In addition, this product is constantly being developed. SAP has now developed a Transportation Cockpit, which is part of Basic TM. And that is a game changer.

What can you expect?

In the webinar, we will take you through the inbound and outbound process using this new functionality. You will see how these processes look in practice and how Basic TM can help you improve your transport processes.