Harm-Jan Bech

SAP Signavio as a navigator for your S/4 transformation

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When undergoing a transformation, one might sail towards the horizon and hope for the best. If you want your metamorphosis to be a success, however, it's best to trust a proven navigator. Let SAP Signavio be your guide towards a successful S/4HANA transformation.

What can you expect?

This SAP & McCoy webinar will start with an elaboration on the transformation targets. Once these are clear, we will then continue by giving insights into the current process execution. To top it all off, we will then show you a variety of process best practices. During the presentation, you can expect demonstrations of how to define target process models. We will also touch on how to continuously measure and transform, considering the business strategy and identified potential. There will be sufficient time for some Q&A action at the end of the session, so no questions are left unanswered.