SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

Within Business Planning, everything revolves around a quick and flexible response to market changes, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Many organizations waste unnecessary time merging Excel sheets and making their data usable.

We believe that consolidating optimized planning processes into a smart planning tool, such as SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), makes the work of controllers and analysts more efficient and purposeful. This enables the enterprise to respond more quickly to market changes, contributing to its success. 

Gaining insight into one's own business situation and processes is crucial, especially considering contemporary challenges such as inflation, shortages of raw materials, and sustainability requirements.

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What does a planning project with McCoy look like? 

Every planning project with us starts with understanding the business process; what are the key factors influencing the results? At what level is planning done? Once this is mapped out, we align with the client on which planning areas are most urgent and where there is the most to gain. 

These processes are prioritized. We then deliver – process by process – a data model, input sheet, and reports. We develop according to the Agile principle, first a Minimum Viable Product, then the exceptions and details. This allows the client to quickly experience the positive impact of working with McCoy. This always happens in consultation with our client and with the help of one or more McCoy process experts. 

Think big, start small. Iterative and incremental. We believe in 'More than IT'. That's why our Business Planning team not only understands technical tools but also business processes, the meaning of data, and implementation guidance. Curious about what Business Planning looks like in practice? Check out our webinar

As a company, we have been successfully investing in the hard and soft skills of all our consultants for years. Partnering with McCoy means collaborating with over 250 experienced SAP consultants. This way, knowledge and expertise in other domains, such as Finance, HRx, IBP, and S/4HANA, are always guaranteed. 

Unlock your potential with Business Planning
Do you want to start efficient planning? Or do you want to take your current planning process to the next level? We believe in the power of Business Planning.
Jacques Scheutjens