This is how you optimize Customer Experience

Think back to the last time you called customer service yourself and were sent from pillar to post. No department could help you further. It's exactly that kind of experience you want to avoid for your own customers. Which brings us to the "how" of Customer Experience.

People, process, platform

A CRM system is a great platform. But if you don't combine the O-data contained in that CRM system with connected sub-processes and support among colleagues, it's of little use. We therefore always approach an optimal Customer Experience across 3 axes: People, Process and Platform. In that order.

Customer Experience in the DNA

You need people to make Customer Experience a reality. Therefore, make sure that customer focus is in the DNA of your company, from sales, delivery people, mechanics and management to the cleaner. Only if they really want to help the customer and live up to expectations will the CE strategy work. So change management is an important component in the approach.

Connect all processes from the customer journey

Think of the entire customer journey and then design your processes accordingly. They should all fit together. For our clients with CE ambitions, we always start with a QuickScan of the Customer Journey. It provides insight into the customer journey and the bottlenecks in the process that you want to tackle first.

SAP CX as a platform

SAP CX facilitates Customer Experience including modules for a sales, marketing and service cloud. This makes it easy for people to deliver top service and easily integrates all processes.

Request a QuickScan

Wondering where the bottlenecks in your Customer Journey are? We are happy to sit down with you for a QuickScan. Your time investment is half a day, after which you will receive a report with insights into the gains.