The business benefits of Customer Experience

Customer Experience is not a hype that will blow over. Not only B2C, but also more and more B2B companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industry realize that Customer Experience delivers serious business benefits.

  • You will stay relevant. 10 years ago, your customers selected on price. Then quality became more important. Now it's all about the customer experience. Don't have that in order? Then customers drop out, you become a (negative) topic of conversation at parties and within a few years you no longer have a reason to exist.

  • Sales costs are lower. Have you ever experienced how difficult it is to make a sales appointment? Companies are critical of who they invite to come over. But your mechanics are walking there every day and know exactly what's going on. That's two birds with one stone: providing service and spotting sales opportunities.

  • Customers are staying longer. How much does it cost your company to bring in a new customer? There is no need to stunt with gifts and discounts. In fact, better not: those customers will be gone in no time a year later. A good Customer Experience keeps the back door closed. Because why leave if you are constantly at your beck and call?

  • Employees stay longer. We want to be proud of what we do. The same goes for your employees, and especially for the younger generations. Successful companies attract successful people. And that's the best (and cheapest) recruiting strategy you can have in this tight labor market.

  • Work more efficiently. Imagine if customer service could handle an incoming query 'first time right'. No more 'transfer to the second line,' but a tight process and all the information immediately available in the system. With that, you don't speak to the customer, you answer the question. That is not only good for the experience, but also for efficiency.

What business advantage of Customer Experience do you want to achieve?

Our CX expert will be happy to sit down with you to see what business benefits Customer Experience can bring your company.