Staying Relevant? Get the Customer Experience in order

'We already have a CRM system, our Customer Experience will be fine'. We often hear that one, and unfortunately it's not entirely true. A CRM system can be golden. But the system itself does nothing except provide support. The question is how to transform people's mindset and organize processes so that they truly revolve around the customer, always. This is a pure necessity in a world full of critical customers where one negative online review can make or break you.

5 reasons to make Customer Experience a priority

  • Remain relevant as a company

  • Lower cost of sales

  • Loyal customers

  • Loyal employees

  • Work more efficiently

Which reason is the deciding factor for you? Learn more about the reasons companies have for making their customer experience top priority.

Customer Experience: what is it? And what is it not?

Customer Experience is the fulfillment of customer expectations based on your company image via all channels. For this you need to capture X data (experience data) in addition to O data (operational data). The two reinforce each other and are necessary to achieve a CX strategy that increases customer satisfaction and sales.

More on the definition and value of X and O data.

This is how you optimize the Customer Experience

Improving the Customer Experience is done across the axes of people, process and platform. In that particular order. You determine your priorities with a short QuickScan that maps out your company's entire Customer Journey.