HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors

The trend within HR to focus more and more on the Employee Experience, in addition to the need for a Data-Driven HR organization, led to the transformation from Human Resource Management to Human Experience Management. Putting the Employee Experience at the center of the design of HR processes, is the foundation of McCoy HR-Xperience. This should be reasoned from a cloud philosophy. Simple and stick-to-standard. Don't let the system be the main driver, but a means for customers to better understand employees and provide them with the desired user experience. In addition, it provides the organization with valuable HR data, which is needed in managing today's business transformations.

From HR Management to Human Xperience Management

Creating a future-proof workforce requires insight so that you know where and how you can start steering. It also requires the transformation from Human Resource Management to Human Xperience Management. Get to know every employee. With the combination of SAP SuccessFactors, Employee Experience and the McCoy Workforce Management Model™, we will establish a Fit for the Future HR organization, where HR is an integral part within the Intelligent Enterprise positioned by SAP.

Intelligent Enterprise

McCoy focuses on all facets within this Intelligent Enterprise - and can therefore take care of the overall supply chain integration requested by customers. Would you like to get to know our team better and build together on the proposition of HR? Please contact Amber (06-251225601).

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