Master of All: Embracing Versatility in Project Management

Managing IT projects is like being a professional athlete and the project manager of today must be a jack of all trades. The content is complex, as are the responsibilities. This calls for a good mix of hard and soft skills. Organizations emphasize the importance of this broad skill set, but struggle to find these talents. Simple: you don't find them, you train them. After all, a great athlete doesn't win gold by appearing unprepared at the start.

PM McAdemy: training opportunity for top project management talent

Do you recognise yourself in one of these situations?

  • You have a broad background in a content-role and are moving into a role as a project manager.

  • You are a junior project manager.

  • You will lead an internal project.

  • You want to become an outstanding project manager.

Then the PM Training Course is the perfect kickstart for you. It is part of the McCoy PM McAdemy. Expect the training to give you a head start as a project manager. The PM Training Course is a an excellent training opportunity for ambitious project managers who want to perform at the best of their ability.

Learning by doing

You will follow a group trajectory with an inspiring mix of learning forms. From theory to 1:1 coaching and concluding with the presentation of a case and management game. The result? After roughly 9 months, you will have developed all the knowledge and skills to manage projects to success and have fun while doing so. You will also be ready to achieve your IPMA D, or IPMA C theory certification.

An overall impression of the PM McAdemy:

  • IPMA competencies are the basis for the curriculum. You develop technical, contextual and behavioural competencies. Everything you need for sustainable, professional growth and excellent execution of projects.

  • Joint kick-off. You get to know the group better and we share expectations.

  • Competence development through coaching and individual guidance.

  • You develop broad knowledge of project methodologies. Think of the Simply PM framework, Agile, Scrum and SAFe.

  • Supervision, guidance and support by experienced project managers.

Ambition to participate at the highest level?

Don't miss out on this opportunity and request more information about the PM McAdemy. You can also follow separate trainings per theme. For example, focused on our Simply PM framework, Agile, SAFe or Scrum. Get in touch with Laurens Verwoest.