Intelligent Operations

McCoy offers several propositions within the intelligent enterprise. Where we previously spoke about intelligent logistics and intelligent planning, we hereby introduce intelligent operations.

Trends and themes in the field

As the name suggests, this proposition is about achieving the objectives of the organization in an intelligent way. This could be the cheap and volume production of semi-finished products, or the efficient assembly of components into a configurable end product. The trends we see in this are the following:

  • Logistics improvements in general

  • In particular, more focus on local production and sourcing:

    • Be loyal, buy local;

    • The desire to be less dependent on long and unpredictable transport chains;

    • The focus on CO2 reduction, due to tighter Dutch and European taxes in the new environmental agreement.

  • Companies are wondering if and how S/4HANA can help with this.

  • They want to make the business case clear in these uncertain times.

Our approach

The term "Intelligent operations" consists of two words. We can put a lot of philosophical considerations on that, but (production, order fulfillment, logistics) operations without intelligence (see also our earlier blog on Common Sense) is impossible in our connected society today. Neither is producing without flexibility and without taking into account rapidly changing public opinion. In addition, sustainability and control over lead times and costs are relevant factors. 

More than IT

Intelligent operations is widely and flexibly deployable, both for upgrades, re-implementations, and migrations. For each project, it can be decided to expand the basis with necessary additions. In case of proven added value OR in case of changing market conditions, modules can be added or removed.

McCoy acts on our philosophy of "More than IT." We can implement SAP, just like other parties. However, we also understand your industry and the processes that are distinctive within your industry. Our consultants see the work; they don't sit around waiting for the next ticket or backlog item. They take control and express their commitment by advising in the best interest of the customer.

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