Arthur Cohen Stuart

Control data, without data everything stops!

At McCoy we like to make the comparison with traffic. If there are no transports everything stops. And this is true! This is also the case in IT systems. Without correct data the system does not have any value.

Good data quality is crucial. Without correct data the processes do not work, it is impossible to automate and businesses cannot get insight in their results. In other words, it is impossible to achieve the digital ambitions.

At McCoy we consider data to be an asset and we like to help businesses to get and keep their data at the right quality. We focus on data to give it the attention it needs to guarantee good quality. We advise businesses regarding the processes, organization, architecture and tools related to data.


Our SmartData approach gets data under control and can be used for data migration, data cleansing and data management and can therefore be applied to existing data, but also to implement new systems. Without difficult technical setup we can provide insight in the data quality by using predefined dashboards. We use these insights to define actions to solve any data problems. Subsequently we can automatically generate files that can be used to solve data problems or to load the data into a new system.

Projects that use SmartData are not only more predictable, they are also cheaper, more efficient and less risky because manual steps are automated. There will be fewer mistakes and the process is quicker, allowing the consultants to focus on activities that add value.

Partnership: Trifacta & McCoy

In this year (2021) we entered a partnership with Trifacta to power the McCoy SmartData approach. Trifacta creates a user-friendly ETL tool in the cloud that we host in Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Because SmartData will be the default solution for McCoy, we will create IP in the form of Flows inTrifacta. These are pre-defined processes that can execute reoccurring steps time after time without additional effort. This way we will not re-invent the wheel, but re-use existing knowledge in the tool to execute projects smarter, quicker and cheaper.


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