Marieke Pullen

Now I have SaaS, is application management history?

It’s commonly known that choosing a SaaS solution has one obvious benefit: no maintenance. Suppliers ensure a robust solution, with high availability, monthly defect fixes and quarterly new features. A carefree system! 

One might say: application management is history.  

We beg to differ. All systems, SaaS or non-SaaS, have three things in common: users, data and technology. And none of them stay the same over time.  We think it’s important to give every system, user and process the attention and care it requires so it keeps adding maximum value and remains futureproof.  

We are often positioned as a linking partner at our customers, connecting the dots between the customer organization and the SaaS supplier. A good example is the managed services we provide to some of our SAP Ariba customers. Let’s have a detailed look at some specific value drivers in those scenarios. 

User issues

Users run into issues. Even if it’s technically not an incident, we still give our customer the opportunity to log whatever they encounter that looks like an issue. We help them sort it out and solve at the root to minimize chances an issue or question reoccurs. If needed, we take care of the actual logging and follow up on Service Calls on Ariba Connect.  

But on top of that organizations strive to constantly optimize their processes. The Procurement department needs to be able to improve their processes and this might involve changing the configuration in their Ariba solution. We proactively advise on the most fitting solution to get the most value out of their system. We do this by creating a roadmap that fits with Procurement and IT goals.  

In case there are certain functionalities or capabilities that are simply not there yet, we support in creating so-called customer influence requests with Ariba.  

Master data and interfacing 

The maintenance of master data is an important element. This can be interfaced; in which case we can monitor the interfaces with the source system. In case of any manual activities, it’s best practice for the business to maintain it themselves. We assist where required and can help to identify the root cause if any disturbances occur.  

System improvements and releases  

Ariba provides quarterly releases with new features. Proactively we scan the content and translate it to our customer’s landscape. First of all to ensure it doesn’t have any impact on our customer’s solution.  

But secondly, we want our customers to get the most out of their running systems. So we look into the new features that Ariba brings and inform our customers of the hottest topics. We know our customer’s business process, so we know what might bring them added value.  

Last but not least, SAP Ariba keeps improving their solution from an integration perspective.  
As an example, migrating from the Cloud Integration (CI-9) solution to the newer Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) and Cloud Connector. Just something we’re working on at one of our customers as we speak.  

Simply Run Ariba 

As McCoy Managed Services, we act as the liaison. We take care of your system, users and processes. We keep an eye on the features and improvements that SAP Ariba brings. We advise you and help you maintain a healthy, future proof solution.  Simply run Ariba; get the most out of it.  

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