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SAP Analytics Cloud – QRC Q3 2023 release

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is SAP’s cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that provides a range of analytics and reporting tools. It is a fast-evolving product, which gets updated frequently. In this blog, Kris van Brouwershaven takes you through the main takeaways from the latest release for SAP Analytics Cloud: QRC Q3 2023-release.

This QRC Q3 2023-release encapsulates all new features that were introduced in the following releases:

More details about the top features we discuss can be found in one of the above mentioned SAP blogs. This blog will keep Enterprise Planning out of scope.

Kris has been working with McCoy & Partners since October 2020 and is specialized in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Expand and Drill Hierarchy Levels (SAP BW data models)

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.09

This new feature ensures that SAP BW is in parity with SAP HANA data models. Just like in the SAP HANA models, the users can do the following:

  • Right-click on a datapoint to Expand or Collapse a drill level.

  • Set a hierarchy-level by either:

    • Drilling up or down per datapoint

    • Set a hierarchy (Drill level) using the context menu (the ‘…’-menu)

NOTE - When choosing the level via the Context-menu, this will automatically become the highest hierarchy level, disabling drilling further up.

Updated Bookmark Dialog

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.10

This new feature simplified the User Experience regarding bookmarks in the Optimized Story Experience.

  • Duplicate information is removed.

  • Keyboard navigation is enabled.

Time Member Disambiguation

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.11

This is just a fancy word for the addition of extra time labels. From a performance point-of-view it’s a happy addition since columns no longer need to be aligned when working with Time-data to get a clear picture of your time-dimension.

This new feature aligns Flat Presentation with Hierarchies and enables the Story Designer to see both 3-letter month and year for charts.

Change the order of Story Filters

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.13

Finally! The styling feature that designers have been screaming for: we can now arrange the story filters, not just (re-)add them in a specific order.

You can do this by simply dragging and dropping the filters or by clicking the designated buttons next to the filters in the newly added menu named ‘Filter Order’.

Keyboard Navgiation in SAC

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.14

This new feature enables the usage of keyboard-shortcuts within the Optimized Story Mode. For all shortcuts, click here.

Data Analyzer upgrades

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.15

With the new features, you can:

  • Add thresholds to tables.

  • Set range filters for non-numeric dimensions.

  • Create a Chart (Bar/Column, Line, Pie, Donut) à Only for SAP BW and SAP HANA live connections.

  • Open the Data Analyzer from a Chart Widget.

Honorable mentions

The following topics also deserve the spotlight but didn’t make the cut.

  • 2023.10 – Converting Stories to the Optimized Design Experience can override (replace) the current version, ensuring the Story ID remains the same.

  • 2023.10 – Search-functionality when selecting a Datasphere Model.

  • 2023.11 – ICBS Formatting in BCP Live Connections.

  • 2023.12 – Extended support for CSV Formatting when scheduling a story.

  • 2023.13 – ‘Shared with me’ and ‘Owned by me’ in Files.

  • 2023.13 – Synchronize axis when using 2 or more measures on X- and Y axis.

  • 2023.13 – Display External or Internal IDs in charts.

  • 2023.13 – Extended Dialog (Prompt) function.

  • 2023.14 – Content Network API *.PACKAGE-files.

  • 2023.14 – Dimension Totals in Bar Charts.

  • 2023.14 – SAP BW Data Models: Change Dimension Text Presentation (Short, Medium, Long).

  • 2023.15 – Axis Alignment / Axis Move / Auto Alignment in Edit-mode.

  • 2023.15 – Open a story in Edit/View Mode.

  • 2023.16 – (De)Activate SAP BW Conditions in Charts.

Previous releases of SAP Analytics Cloud

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