Certainty about Security & Compliance

Cyber attacks, data breaches, fraud or Bitcoin ransomware; you read about it in the media. A distant reality, until it happens to your company and all your business processes are down. You can get ahead of it by tightly regulating your security and compliance. Sounds complex and time-consuming? It doesn't have to be. Engage McCoy "SimplyComply" as a partner and you know for sure: with Security & Compliance it's all right. 

Keep it simple 

'Simply McCoy' is our motto for a reason. This simplicity is the main reason customers entrust us with their Security & Compliance issues. We limit ourselves to solutions that add value for the business. We put them in place future-proof and fully secure. Moreover, we do this within a few months and with quality that is just as high as our standards: always a 100% perfect score.

Which form of collaboration do you prefer?

Security & Compliance as a Service

This is a smart choice if you want to keep focus on your core business. We take care of the design and management of the security strategy. We also do the maintenance of security measures, IT general controls or risk management. You will have your own team of specialists you can always turn to with all compliance- and security-related questions. We provide support at the strategic-tactical level and with the operational translation. 

Unique in the Netherlands: SAP Security Monitoring

Not every company has the ambition or resources to put an internal team on Security & Compliance. And you don't have to: from now on you can also tackle it as an SME with smart corporate techniques. We connect your entire SAP environment to our SAP Security Monitoring Suite. We secure it as a Managed Service, giving you security but no workload. Another unique feature is that you no longer need to invest in expensive software licenses or complicated implementation processes.

Security & Compliance at your Service

Choose Security & Compliance at your Service for temporary support, whether it is audit support, the setup of risk management or hands-on design of security measures. Our SimplyComply experts will arrange it easily and effectively so that you can continue with peace of mind.  

Discuss your Security & Compliance? 

Ask Eric Bigot via eric.bigot@mccoy-partners.com or +31 (0)6 42 55 34 05