SAP security

Business-critical applications such as SAP contain a lot of confidential and privacy-related information. Therefore, you want to protect them as such. In the past, SAP environment and security were often separated from regular IT security. The legacy is that even now a clear organizational strategy for SAP security is usually lacking. 

Keep the door securely locked

Is your strategy adequately aligned with overall organizational rules for security and compliance? To what extent is SAP security actually an integral part of the security framework? SimplyComply helps you lock and keep the door firmly locked on the entire environment, including SAP applications. 

Support from A to Z

We take care of SAP customers from A to Z, from implementation to management and compliance support. Whether it's SAP authorization management, SAP cyber security or GRC; our SAP security experts will support you. In addition, we have smart, no-nonsense technical solutions ready for you. 

State-of-the-art technical solutions 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel for technical SAP Security solutions. We've already done that for you, along with our partners SecurityBridge, EPI-Use Labs, Soterion, ARIS (ARCM) . As a result, you will have a good, no-nonsense solution set up in no time. With no-panic results, because in the end that's what it's all about. 

What is the first thing we can help you with?

What is the first thing we can help your organization with to get your SAP security systems up to standard? Submit your question to Eric Bigot at or +31 (0)6 42 55 34 05