Intelligent Planning using SAP IBP

More turnover, lower stock, better service levels, working more efficiently and making choices based on the right and permanently available data. It almost sounds too good to be true. The world around us is becoming increasingly complex and customers expect top speed and high service. How do we meet our customer's expectations and keep costs low and our stock levels optimal? Is this a utopia or is it closer than everyone thinks?

From separate processes to an integrated process

With intelligent planning, we introduce a new way of S&OP, moving away from separate monthly processes without follow-up to an integrated planning that works. Why? Because it is a planning that is actually used by our customers. Because it brings money into the business. Because it can both increase turnover and reduce stock levels. Furthermore, it provides more insight into your business than ever before. 

Digital Supply Chain Planning Made Easy

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Your route to Supply Chain Excellence

How it works? We have adopted the latest planning module from SAP: IBP. We enriched the module with all our customer experiences and McCoy specific content. This is supported by a robust integration model which meets today's requirements, but is ready for the world of tomorrow. And finally, we set up a beautiful reporting layer that provides direct insight into the state of affairs in your business.