Which project approach leads to 100% success?

While preparing a SAP implementation, the question arises as to what would be the best project approach. Do we go for traditional and thus linear? For fully iterative and incremental, or a mix of both? Choices are also to be made on guiding principles, control mechanisms and tools for managing the project. You want to make this implementation a success. What should you then do?

The solution: determine the starting and end point

At McCoy we do not believe in that one, ideal method for project management. The context and the goal determine the right approach. The willingness to change, as well as risk appetite and the budget of the organization play an important role. Our Simply Project Management (Simply PM) framework is a seamless fit and it has proven itself to provide a 'perfect score' on projects. We developed and  continuously improve this framework in-house. The starting point is our 'More Than IT-vision'. An implementation is only successful if:

  • we realize the proposed business case.

  • we delivered a future-proof solution.

  • the entire user organization embraces the solution.

Simply PM: 4 pillars for success

The art is to find the right balance in the approach between four pillars.

  • In Control: Do we deliver and do what we promised?

  • Fit for Purpose: Does what we deliver match your needs and business case?

  • Fit for People: Does everyone embrace and use the new systems, methods and processes?

  • Collaborate: We achieve results together and you continue to build on this after go-live.

Tools for maximum project control

The Simply PM framework is the basis. Within the framework, we use smart tools for maximum control. Is there already an IT project running at your place? The tools can also be used separately to give the success a boost.

1) What does this look like in practice? Simply Project Management Scan

Everything is in line with the planning and budget, but is it really going well? Are you still on target to achieve the business case and is everyone working well together? The Simply Project Management Scan (Simply PM Scan) provides independent insight into the real status of your project. You also immediately receive recommendations to adjust the project result.

2) What if everything has failed? Pre-mortem analysis

This is a fundamentally different way to recognize and exclude project risks. Prior to the project, we have a conversation where we discuss the hypothetical situation that we are at the end of the project and it was a huge failure. We define the pitfalls and analyze and cluster the causes. And of course we also come up with solutions to exclude them. An important advantage of this approach is that it stimulates critical thinking instead of suppressing it.

Case study: Hybrid project approach Alliander

As part of the #Simplification program of Alliander, we successfully realized a Central Finance solution. We designed a hybrid project approach. We tackled the Explore phase with a Fit-2-Standard approach, we realized the solution based on Scrum within the new Agile organization of Alliander. The phasing was based on SAP Activate. Read the results of this hybrid project approach.

Which project method suits you?

We are happy to think along with you. Also contact us if you want more insight into the status and/or risks of a running project. Our experts Laurens Verwoest are more than happy to think along.