Kris van Brouwershaven

SAP Analytics Cloud Deprecation Warning: Classic Stories and Applications will be removed in late 2025

SAP Analytics Cloud has frequent updates and releases, and the latest one (SAP Analytics Cloud QRC2 2024 came with quite a surprise that has gone under the radar for most - but not for us!

That’s why we want to warn you about the consequences of the latest upgrade, specifically the ‘deprecation warning’ that shows when you’re working in a story or application with the 'Classic Design Experience'.

You can see it either when you’re creating the story/application, or when you’re editing an existing story or application:

When do you need to act?

Luckily – not yet. This blog is just a warning that it’s wise to start thinking about it.

The projected timeline is as follows:

  • QRC4 2024 (at the end of this year) Assets that are unsupported cannot be imported anymore, no immediate change for your organization.

  • Early 2025 You are prevented from creating deprecated assets; you can only create the Optimized Story Experience. Your admin will get the option to set up ‘auto deletion’ for assets that have not been viewed beyond a certain point.

  • Late 2025 All access will be removed: unsupported assets are no longer reachable. Any content must be migrated beforehand!!!

Ok, this is happening. Now what?

Start thinking about your dashboards and reports: at the end of 2025, your ‘old’ stories and applications might be unsupported and not accessible anymore.

2025 seems far away, but it’ll be here very soon…

How do you upgrade?

If you want, we can help you there.

If you want to do it yourself, follow the steps below.

Upgrading your assets is easy and quickly done, but note that it must be done for all ‘Classic’ assets:

  • Open your dashboard, if you get the Deprecation Warning (as shown above), you’ll have to upgrade.

  • Save your dashboard as Optimized Design Experience:

  • You will get the following popup:

Assess whether you can simply Convert, or if you want to ‘Save As’.

Our advice: Use the Save As-functionality and check if your Story or Application still works, before converting the actual story.

Interested in more?

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