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SAP Analytics Cloud QRC4 2023 – Copy-Paste for Optimized Stories

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is SAP’s cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that provides a range of analytics and reporting tools. It is a fast-evolving product, which gets updated frequently. In this blog, Kris van Brouwershaven takes you through the main takeaways from the latest release for SAP Analytics Cloud: QRC Q4 2023-release.

This QRC Q4 2023-release encapsulates all new features that were introduced in the following releases:

SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.17 – August 15th

SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.18 – August 29th

SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.19 – September 14th

SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.20 – September 28th

SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.21 – October 11th

More details about the top features we discuss can be found in one of the SAP blogs mentioned above. This blog will keep Enterprise Planning out of scope.

Kris has been working with McCoy & Partners since October 2020 and is specialized in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Added Calculations & extended coloring

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.18

As we all know, sometimes it’s easier to calculate aggregated values in SAC. With this update, the following formulas can be combined:

  • LOOKUP Look at SAP Note 3264839 for extra functionalities.


  • YOY (Year-over-Year)

  • SMA (Simple Moving Average)

  • CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate)

Also, the following Story Calculations have been added:


Result: a cell value based on a Measure Name, filtered by an Account Member


Result: a cell value based on an Account Member, filtered by a Measure Name

Color by Accounts/Measures, Pattern by Version

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.18 & 2023.20

The coloring of the charts has been updated. You can set it accordingly:

  • Color by Accounts ON allows the color to be based on the Account and pattern to be based on Version.

  • Color by Accounts OFF allows the pattern and color to be based on Version.

Composite Widgets

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.19

Once you’ve created a few SAC Dashboard, chances are high you want to re-use certain parts of your dashboard in others. With this new update, you can create Composite Widgets that can do just that!

With the Composite Widget, which is a re-usable building block, you can simply drag-and-drop from the Assets-panel into your dashboard:

Extended Data Analyzer

Find more details at SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.20

With this update, the Data Analyzer can now also create Bar-, Column- , Stacked Bar-, Stacked Column-, Line-, Pie-, and Donut-charts.

Also, the user can easily drag-and-drop the desired Measures, Dimensions, Structures and Accounts into the graph or table.

And since the Data Analyzer is easily expandable, the Horizontal Scroll Pagination is added for Table Views. This means that it will result in a warning when the number of columns exceeds the maximum (standard is set to 100 columns).

Copy Widgets between Browser Tabs

Finally! We can copy widgets from one story to another, when using the Optimized Story Experience.

We can now copy-paste:

  • All widgets Models will be included, changing will be manual.

  • Scripting Components.

  • Individual Story Pages.

Copying between optimized and classic is not supported.

Honorable Mentions

The following topics also deserve the spotlight but didn’t make the cut for this blog:

• 2023.18 – Support for larger Parent-Child Hierarchies

• 2023.19 – ToPeriod-calculation in Modeling

• 2023.19 – Support for Scripting when converting Responsive Page to Optimized Story

• 2023.20 – Chart Tooltip (Measure/Account) Scale Inheritance

• 2023.20 – Widget Customization Add-On

• 2023.21 – Extended Help Experience

Previous releases of SAP Analytics Cloud

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Would you like to know more about SAP Analytics Cloud or Reporting in general? Feel free to reach out to Kris van Brouwershaven.