User Experience Design

A good software system alone is not enough. In practice, it is sometimes difficult for a user of the software - the end user - to find his or her way through the system. Tasks are executed more slowly, errors are made and, above all, frustration is caused to the end user. 

'Computer says no'. You know the drill.

UX Design reduces errors and saves time

All the more reason to design your software application in a user-friendly way. The User Experience (UX) designers at McCoy put themselves in the shoes of the end user. We first try to understand what is really important to the person who works with it every day. The software is then tailored to this. This way, UX Design provides a user-friendly application with the right information, in the right form, in the right place. The most successful applications help the user find what he is looking for without having to think about it. This allows users to perform their tasks faster and better. In addition to a better experience, this also results in fewer errors and time savings.

Our UX expertise: the power of user-friendly software

UX design is an integrated part of McCoy's approach because we believe in the power of user-friendly software. We call this Creative Consultancy. We form the bridge between technology, business processes and the (end) user. The wishes and needs of the end user are the starting point in our approach, where we take into account the intended process and the technical possibilities. Our UX designers are always part of the implementation team, regardless of the technology used. We then gladly engage the UX specialist who has knowledge of a particular field, such as logistics. 

Of course, we are also happy to help you with specific UX questions, such as an analysis of your website, product or service. We also give workshops on User Experience Design.

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