Creative Consultancy

Every UX project is a little different. We've compiled our experience into a 4-step approach that can be applied to almost any project. Have you already taken the steps yourself? We are also happy to help you with a specific part of it. This is how we work:

Step 1 - Preparation (Strategy)

Together we think about what user groups there are and what their most important tasks are. We focus precisely on the most common functions because that's where the biggest gains can be made.

What do we deliver?

- Plan of approach for UX

- Definition of user groups and their most important tasks

Step 2 - Exploration (Empathy)

This is basically a baseline measurement. We put ourselves in the shoes of the end user. What are they up against with the current software? To do this, we conduct interviews and look over their shoulders as they perform their tasks. We then create personas - user profiles - in which we summarize our findings. These personas are input for a Day-in-the-Life Workshop, in which we work with the end users to see which of these tasks we can better support through a new or improved design. From all the findings, we create a list of recommendations, which we sort by priority. 

What do we deliver?

- Conducted interviews (anonymized)

- Personas (user profiles)

- List of findings (sorted by prio)

- Results baseline measurement

Step 3. Realization Phase (Design)

The UX Designer is part of the Agile team, as an advocate for the end user. This, of course, is within the confines of what technology reasonably allows us to do. It is a search for the balance between implementing as many of the findings as possible, without a considerable amount of programming.

What do we deliver?

- Updates on which findings can and cannot be implemented

Step 4. Completion (Metrics)

Upon delivery of the software application, we meet the end users again. This is in order to explain how the new software works. We also conduct another measurement of efficiency and satisfaction. We usually see significant time savings in processing processes.

What do we deliver?

- A report comparing the baseline measurement with the new situation

- Calculation of how much money you save by the software modifications

Do you wish to make strides in UX Design? Jan Laros is happy to help you. or 06 30 05 16 45