The challenge: more standardization = more learning

Teaching employees about the new system and processes seems relatively simple. You arrange a training session for Go-Live and that's that. But it doesn't stop there. At least, not if you envision a lasting, successful change. Knowledge assurance is crucial to maintain the new, high level. The experts on the project team will soon be gone from the scene, and training materials will be outdated in a few years. So how do you retain the knowledge needed to achieve your business goals?

The solution: system (continues) to live on with 'Simply Training'

A fit-to-standard approach requires far-reaching adaptation of people to systems. So be sure those people continue to experience the new solution. Their work changes significantly in a short period of time and that automatically means that one-time training is not enough. In practice, we see business cases that are built on the assumption that everyone goes along with the new solution. Therefore, pay structural attention to knowledge building and maintenance. Start doing that from the beginning of the project, divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1: Get inspired

From the start, commit to inspiration. Know what training options are available so that you choose the right one for your organization. By doing so, you ensure that tools and processes are included in the transformation on time. These might include development or purchase of an e-learning tool such as EnableNOW. Ideally, start with this during the vendor selection phase for the system: does this party give you ideas about the possibilities? Do they act as a discussion partner?

Phase 2: Get onboarded

You want people to embrace the new system AND know how to work with it. Successful change requires a steep learning curve. Both during the entire implementation and afterwards. Simply Training is therefore an important part of our Simply Change approach. Training itself is only the foundation. If possible, you should also train internal trainers (Train-the-trainer). This way you will also have the knowledge when the project team is disbanded.

Phase 3: Life after Go Live

After Go live, a new phase begins: learning by doing. This is the time to keep providing training. This way you ensure that everyone understands and embraces the solution better and better. Make sure you also smartly arrange the transfer of information to the 'standing organization'. It is essential to have a platform or system available. In this system, everyone should be able to easily access the necessary information and training materials. Our Simply Training team has experience with various e-learning tools and will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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