Drastic change in roles and practices

A cloud solution has great advantages. There is a reason why every organization is transforming processes toward the cloud. By definition, this also means conforming to a fit-to-standard' approach and saying goodbye to customization. This drastically changes working methods and roles within organizations. A SaaS solution also, or perhaps especially, touches on people work. And with that, companies suddenly have an additional change issue to address.

Shifting focus to people

At McCoy, we see IT issues as "More Than IT. When done right, 'People, Process and Platform' are aligned in the approach. With a fit-to-standard approach, the focus shifts from Platform and Processes to People and Processes. One can pretty easily align Platform and Processes, but that leaves People..

The solution: Simply Change approach & toolkit

Is your organization facing similar challenges? Be inspired by our Simply Change approach to meeting that challenge.

1. Involve people with all-round expertise

There is too little focus in traditional IT project management on the people side of change. Platform and Process get a lot of attention, but it's all about the right balance. Therefore, you should bring someone on board who understands People, Process and Platform. Only then you can really approach the project differently and especially effectively. This way you will have people on board who understand the system 100%, with all the time to focus on the users.

2. Simply Change Toolkit

You don't have to reinvent the wheel for change. We have developed a toolkit for each phase of the project. From a change strategy in the first phase to training materials and tools for 'life after Go-Live'. We continuously develop the toolkit together with our clients:

“The Change Management Approach of McCoy is pragmatic, hands-on as well as result and deliverables driven. Based on initial analysis of stakeholder expectations and target audiences, deliverables and communication are driven independently and delivered at high-quality level”.

Business Project Lead – Ariba P2P Implementation, Nouryon

More inspiration about Simply Change

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Prefer to discuss a targeted change approach? Please contact Robin Hazelaar at robin.hazelaar@mccoy-partners.com or with Kimberly van Ooijen at kimberly.van.ooijen@mccoy-partners.com.