The challenge for warehouse robotization & automation

Delivering the right products, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right location and in perfect condition. At the lowest possible cost. That's what the supply chain is all about. These high demands for quality and speed make optimal warehouse processes and a high degree of automation crucial. The warehouse of the future is unmanned.

Integrating automation into the WMS solution

High-bay warehouses and automated picking systems, AGVs (self-driving, unmanned vehicles), sorters and robots. All parts of the warehouse of the future. The challenge? Integrating the automated systems with your warehouse management solution. And to do so at the lowest possible cost, without jeopardizing business continuity.

The solution for warehouse robotization & automation

Platform for warehouse automation

Intelligent Logistics also provides a conclusive response to the automation and robotization trend. It is more than an EWM template with best practices. You get a standardized platform for warehouse automation. With SAP EWM as a solid foundation, we can quickly integrate with existing automated warehouse solutions. You also control automated systems directly via the platform. This is even possible down to the PLC level, without the intervention of other middleware.

The best of our practical experience

Our customers continuously benefit from our practical experience. Many of the warehouses where we implement SAP EWM have a high degree of automation. We have now distilled a lot of standardized content from these projects. We take these to the next project as individual integration components. 

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