Invoice handling under control?

Which invoice should go where? How can I process paper invoices? Can I pay suppliers within the specified payment period? - Are these questions recognizable? For many companies, recognition is the first step to then seriously take control of the invoice handling process. Whether you are in control can be determined step-by-step for your own organization by asking yourself the following check questions. 

Process improvement

  • Do we have a full understanding of the process around incoming invoices?

  • Do we have a process where timely payment of problem invoices is not an issue?

  • Have we placed responsibility at the right level and with the right person?

Cost reduction

  • Can we increase effectiveness and thereby reduce cost per invoice?  

  • Can we provide Shared Service support for invoice processing? 

  • Can we use discounts more efficiently for and through timely payments? 

Increase efficiency

  • Are we able to achieve the implementation of paperless invoice processing? 

  • Are we able to never lose invoices again? 

  • Are we able to process invoices based on minimal input of necessary data?  

  • Are we able to secure automation of Follow-up and escalation in the process? 

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